About Us

The Firm's Partners have a rich experience of advising clients on complex matters which include amongst others, matters pertaining to infrastructure, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, debt and capital markets, recovery, project financing, litigation, arbitration & alternate dispute resolution and contract management in diverse sectors including telecom, public projects, transport, roads, real estate, power, waste management, manufacturing, media, business process outsourcing, consumer goods, mining, software, entertainment, insurance and banking.

The Firm forms part of major headline transactions, advising clients on most complex matters and disputes in diverse sectors. The Firm assists clients on legal matters based on the ethics and values of the Firm. The Partners at the Firm bring hands on experience and approach on each transaction from a strategic perspective by understanding client objectives and identifying potential aspects.

The Firm’s high-quality services and succinct deliverables take into account Client’s budgetary considerations. The Firm takes pride in performing a thorough research and offering the most appropriate solution.

We provide business solutions without compromising on ethical standards. The Firm adopts a “zero tolerance” approach in matters relating to ethical standards regardless of the cost or opportunity. Highest ethical standards are maintained in all dealings and transactions. 

The Firm offers the expertise of highly reputed and skilled practitioners in diverse practice areas. The Firm practices and assists clients on all types of civil and commercial litigation in all the courts in the country. The Firm’s network of offices around the country is very useful for our clients who have litigation around the country as they don’t have to look for local lawyers. This effectively saves the client on cost of travel and time. It is a well-established practice in India to engage Senior Counsels. The Firm has, whenever necessary and in the interest of the client, engaged the most appropriate Senior Counsels.